AutoExec (RoadTruck-01Elite) RoadMaster Truck Desk : Seems to be pretty good but it won’t work with my 2017 f-250

I work out of my car and this thing is the envy of my co-workers. Only suggestion is to use hinges on platform. I put two hinges on the far end to allow me to lift up to expose compartment, otherwise it cannot be accessed due to console.

Great desk – 400w power inverter causes radio interference. However, the 400w power inverter interferes with the radio. I have a 250w one that doesn’t so i use that instead. Save yourself some money and buy without the built in inverter.

I love the desk, but i had to modify it to suit me. The top interferes with console and glove box access since it is permanently attached to the bottom plastic base, so i had to modify it for my purposes. I detached the top from the base and reinstalled it using standard door hinges along the back edge. Now i can lift the top for access to console, and also for enhanced access to storage compartment in the base of the desk. It also rattled (top against the base) so i put adhesive-backed felt stips on the edges of the base that support the top. Rattling won’t be an issue if you’re ok with the top fixed to the base as it comes from the manufacturer.

Got this for my brother in law. He said it was what he needed for all the traveling for work he does. Said it works for him and was easy to use.

  • Great desk – 400W power inverter causes radio interference
  • Seems to be pretty good but it won’t work with my 2017 f-250
  • Great car desk, but

AutoExec (RoadTruck-01Elite) RoadMaster Truck Desk

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  • Designed to be used with a laptop in a larger vehicle, this desk is a great tool for your mobile office on wheels
  • Use the strap to secure your laptop to the adjustable plate, allowing you to move it closer to you while typing and then back to the center of the desk while the vehicle is in motion.
  • The Roadmaster truck version is ideal for larger vehicles such as pick-up trucks with bench and bucket seats
  • Securing the desk into the front passenger seat with the seat belt allows it to be easily removed or installed
  • 26″ from back of desk to the front (toward the dash)

Plenty of space for a laptop and mouse. Downside is inverter switch and recepticles ares on the passenger door side so hard to reach while in the driver seat. Also the desk makes it difficult to use the center counsel shifter if your vehicle has that.

Seems to be pretty good but it won’t work with my 2017 f-250. Seems to be pretty good but it won’t work with my 2017 f-250. It wouldn’t let me open the center console or glove box. Going to try a different model.

I own a 2008 honda ridgeline and this thing fits great. I have a smaller computer and the strap holds it from moving perfectly. Cons cant open my glove compartment.

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AutoExec (RoadTruck-01Elite) RoadMaster Truck Desk
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