Balt Alekto Compact Sit & Stand Workstation : Great commercial quality desk with fantastic customer support

Just what i was looking for. Just what i was looking for. Work station for extra scanners, and printers that i could attach a usp hub to now i just need to add an extra level for the wireless router and camera.

Great mobility in tight spaces. Sturdiness provides ease when moving from area to area and allows the convenience of multiple users for specialized equipment.

Saved my legs and lower back, great quality. I can’t state enough how much better it is to stand than to sit and work on a computer. But this review is about this product in particluar, and i have moved this standup desk/workstation enough that we have put it to the test and it is a solid, well built, high caliber and quality desk. Easily handles my heavy imac, an hp officejet pro, a pc server on the side holder, reams of paper, keyboard, mouse, network switch, etc. It is the best i’ve found, if only they now had a larger one for multiple imacs and monitors. This is well worth the cost, as it has been almost 2 years and not one single problem, break, or the like. The only hard thing would be to make sure of the height you set it up with, as it is cumbersome to undo the nuts and bolts once you have them in place. Highly recommended, i’ll never go back to sitting down again. Update:still love this solid mobile standup desk, works like a charm.

Wow, save your legs, increase your blood flow, and work better. Having programmed at least 20 hours a week, over the last 7 years, this method of working while standing has saved my legs, saved me from pains that got worse over each year, and then each month, and has given me new-found energy, most likely due to the better blood flow and not sitting all day long. Well, that was a health review above, so for this desk, it is no walmart fall apart special, but the real deal. Sturdy, solid, and well built. I have had to move the position of each section a few times to get it right, which is quite hard to do due to the weight and bulk of this product, but it is solid and does what it advertises,and is convenient, and fits perfectly. We did much research and chose this one for its compact size (which by compact i don’t mean small, as it is big enough to house our 27 inch imac, with plenty of space, our hp all in one printer, and a case of paper, keyboard, mouse, paper organizer, cords, a box, and some other stuff easily with room to spare, and no worry of the thing smashing a child for climbing on it. As it is stable)all around the best we could have found for the price. We will buy another if the need arises, as we are more than satisfied with this choice, and we stick with companies that make things as well as this one did with this standup desk. Have not sat down at it, other than just having bought a tall chair, which folds away real nice and is great when we feel like we need to sit down and rest the legs, but overall, have never felt so much energy when working like we have when using this standup desk. So kudos for a great desk, but maybe even more so, kudos for a healthier work position.

  • I am now mobile!!!
  • Almost everything I needed and expected.
  • Mobile Workstation

Balt Alekto Compact Sit & Stand Workstation, 27.5″ – 52.5″H x 30″W x 24″D (42551)

  • Adjusts for use while standing or sitting.
  • Install monitor/keyboard shelf above printer shelf for a stand-up workstation, below for a sit-down workstation.
  • Fixed bottom shelf for supplies.
  • Retractable keyboard holder has pullout mouse board for right- or left-hand use.
  • Includes cable management tray that assembles to either shelf.

Great commercial quality desk with fantastic customer support. I have had this desk for several months. I did have an issue with the pull out keyboard area. The vendor immediately responded by shipping a replacement, no questions asked. The seller was wayfair at the time. If you are considering, here are a few thoughts. Swapping from standing to seating can be done, but does take some effort. My work area has concrete flooring and it just became unbearable to stand no matter what kind of padding i used. I have swapped to sitting, with the work table top above, so i can better alternate between standing and sitting. The desk quality is the best you can imagine. I could probably take a knife to the desktop and it would be unharmed, unlike my previous 4 desks. I could also imagine standing on the thing. Also the mobility of the desk is a big deal to me. I have a testing/work area up top, normal seated laptop with extra monitor, desktop computer on the side and a printer below. I can roll the entire thing away at a moments notice if i need to. Great product and i got it from a great company (wayfair). If you are considering standing, i would recommend budgeting for a bar height stool/seat, etc as an alternative as you adjust to standing more.

Almost everything i needed and expected. . The only reason i knocked off one star is because of the height – it is about two inches shorter than i’d like when not on wheels. I do not use wheels to make it more stable. I like how sturdy it is, quality of the panels is awesome (or at least looks so after about a month of use), they are made of some kind of plastic and are way better than your usual fake “wood”.

This desk is compact, tough as nails, and it’s casters can traverse even the harshest carpet terrain. I am mobile nowi have a 30″ dell ultrasharp u1304, and a custom built pc so i can do my work from home. I am a concept artist and do not like to sit still for too long. If my scenery changes i get a second wind. This beauty does just that for me. If i have to take my work home with me i am no longer tethered to a stale office environment. I can paint while hanging out in the living room with my family, or outback on the patio, etc. The possibilities are endless.

This model worksatation has always worked well for us. We have been using and ordering this model for several years now and would recommend them to anyone out there who needs this type of mobile setup ability.

Recently purchase a new computer and needed a strong workstation with a specific size to fit in my bedroom. Holds the printer on top shelf. Computer monitor (which is an all in one monitor and computer) on second shelf and files and printer paper on third shelf. It also has a pull out shelf for the keyboard and mouse.

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Balt Alekto Compact Sit & Stand Workstation, 27.5" - 52.5"H x 30"W x 24"D (42551)
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