Flash Furniture Tempered Glass Computer Desk : A nice simple desk, great for a small space

It’s pretty sturdy and it looks really good once it’s assembled. The finish/quality is decent. Once set up, it’s not noticeable though. I had to vacuum right after assembly because mine had a lot of rust dust. The rust dust comes completely off but i posted a pic to show how much it is. It’s pretty sturdy and it looks really good once it’s assembled. Assembly took me about 40 minutes from start to finish. Bolts had to be forced in but once you get it threaded, it’s a breeze to screw in. Instructions were straight forward so i didn’t have to back track.

Love table, very hard to put together.

This table was easy to set-up, sturdy and great value for money.

Was exactly what i was looking for. Was trying to find a small sized desk with pull out keyboard shelf. This definitely fits the bill. It is just large enough to put my all-in-one pc and mouse on the top shelf while keeping my keyboard on the pull out. I live in a small place and space is the main reason for looking for something small, the price is also a real bonus at $40 with prime shipping. I was deliberately trying to go as small as i could that would work with my computer setup. And this is definitely smallputting the desk together, the instructions were a little hard to decipher, and the pre-drilled holes were way too small. If i didst have a power screw driver there is no way i could have put this together.Seriously, there was no way i would be able to use a regular hand screw driver to get this together.

  • It’s pretty sturdy and it looks really good once it’s assembled
  • Not bad for the 14 months it was serviceable
  • I do really like this desk

Flash Furniture Black Tempered Glass Computer Desk with Pull-Out Keyboard Tray

  • Contemporary Design
  • Black Tempered Glass Surface
  • Sliding Keyboard Tray: 17.25”W x 11”D
  • Crisscross Leg Design
  • Black Powder Coated Frame Finish
  • Self-Leveling Floor Glides

Perfect size for what i need. Item is made with quality in mind.

Great table for a good price. Great table, somewhat hard installation but i did it myself so it’s not very hard to put together. Just plan out what goes where beforehand so you won’t have to end up like me and taking it apart and reinstalling the parts a second time around. The sliding part ended up not being totally perfect (one side doesn’t slide all the way in but it’s not even noticeable because it’s just an inch of imperfection) but it’s not a problem at all. Overall, i really like this tiny table and use it as a study table in my small room (space efficient ftw)-k.

A nice simple desk, great for a small space. This piece is a very nice desk, although it was surprisingly difficult to put together fro such a small piece, and i think is (very) slightly less nice in person than in the manufacturer’s photos. It appears that the glass is slightly more reflective than it actually is, for example, and the metal discs are not as visible in the product photos as they are in person. This is all personal preference, of course. However, it is still a very nice desk and will work well for my husband, who didn’t want anything too big or complicated. If you’ve found my review helpful, please upvote it below so that it can help inform more people.

Gift and the recipient loved it.

A resonablly priced computer desk & excellent for people with limited space.

Decent desk, needed to get something small/slim thats black glass and not too overpriced either. Looks great if you just want a small desk. If you have a big office go with something else but if you have a small/average bedroom then go with this. Doesnt look cheaply made or anything either.

The product serves my purpose, value for the money. The assembly instruction page, need improvement and more details.

Fits one 23 inch monitor well. The color of the tempered glass and frame are all black with a pull out tempered glass keyboard shelf. Just the perfect size for a side extension of my regular desk. Easy to assemble once you figure out how to attach the shelf sliders to the side frames.

Not bad for the 14 months it was serviceable. Bought this desk in july 2014 and haven’t had an issue with it. Until today, hence this review. I noticed the sliding keyboard tray was becoming loose, and upon inspecting it, heard something hitting the floor, and that’s when i realized it was the ball bearings from one side of the keyboard tray that were now residing on my floor. Not a big deal, i figure i could get them back on the tray, only to have one side of the tray completely break off from the sliding arm, with no way to repair it. Overall though, it is a decent desk, especially for the price, but i would be wary of the keyboard drawer if you plan to purchase this desk.

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Flash Furniture Black Tempered Glass Computer Desk with Pull-Out Keyboard Tray
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