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I bought this desk because i was limited on space and fell in love with the modern look of this one. It’s pretty sturdy and sits well. The legs don’t stick out too far that you trip on them. I assembled it myself in about an hour and a half. Had a hard time getting one of the legs to fit but it just took a little strength.

Small profile and fairly sturdy; an elegant solution for small areas. I give this product four stars only because of the build quality. I knew going into my purchase it was particle board with the usual wood grain sticker attached to give it a wood look. The instructions were pretty clear and i have put together a good amount of assemble yourself furniture, so assembly was pretty standard. The one problem i had was the holes drilled for the wood dowel pins on the back portion of the desk were drilled just slightly angled and when i tapped the dowels down to seat them it split the wood. I was not overly aggressive in my seating of the pins, and only two of the holes appeared to be drilled this way. I was fortunate that it was on the backside of the desk so my wife, for whom i bought the desk, will never see the split. Overall, the desk is a nice solution to a space problem and has a very low signature in a room. Once put together, it seems fairly solid, but i may tack weld a couple of the seams on the underside where the legs join the tubes that attach to the top of the desk to keep it from wobbling over time.

Fantastic, beautifully designed leaning desk. Having just downsized into an apartment, i looked for a smaller, shallower desk that didn’t protrude too much into the living area where i wanted to set up a laptop. This leaning desk is absolutely perfect and looks so nice. Easy to assemble and very elegant looking.

It is very small and good for small rooms and use with a laptop computer, well built, looks very nice, would definitely recommend.

  • Neat, sturdy little desk!
  • Great Desk with Excellent Warranty
  • Fantastic, beautifully designed Leaning Desk

ioHOMES Modern Leaning Office Desk, Dark Walnut

  • A modern office desk with a two tone finish and leaning design
  • Product is made of medium fiber board construction; laminate walnut inner top finish; laminate black outer finish
  • Wall leaning design writing desk; heavy duty wall fixture patches included; lean chrome plated legs for a light and airy appearance
  • Assembly required by two adults; To clean, use damp cotton cloth to wipe clean; Made in Taiwan
  • Measures 43-inch wide by 16-inch deep by 48-inch high; 30-days hassle-free replacement parts warranty

First of all, the package arrived very promptly and during the thick of the christmas season, no less. Upon inspection of the parts, i found them to be thoughtfully packaged, with nary a scratch on any surface. Everything was lined and padded where it needed to be. I’ve had my fair share of assembling furniture, so the hour or so that i spent on it (by myself) came as no surprise. It was not the most difficult piece to assemble, though you may want to grab a partner if this is your first time putting a piece like this together. There are a lot of slightly differing screws and dowels, so it would be advantageous to be as organized as possible with your pieces, making note of the quantity and assigned numbers given to each kind in the instruction manual. I also recommend a carpeted surface, because you will be flipping this piece every which way as you move along the assembly process. The only extraneous tool i needed was a flat-head screwdriver, but a butter knife would do in a pinch. Everything else, including the hex tool and wood glue, was included in the box. The desk itself looks great. It’s very well-made, considering the material. One reviewer mentioned the exposed screws on the side, but i personally like the look of them, so really it’s in the eye of the beholder. That being said, they are very visible.

I like this little desk a lot. It is deceptively sturdy and compact. Unlike most desks, it’s easy to move out of the way. It has 4 little rubber pads on the back so it won’t damage your walls. 6 inch laptop fits perfectly in the work area. It took me a little over an hour to assemble by carefully reading and following the instructions. All the parts were included, including a little vial of wood glue and a hex wrench. However, if you have a screwdriver with an interchangeable tip that accepts a hex bit, you’ll be much happier and assembly will go faster.

Minimal, simple, and functional desk. . Super thoughtful and minimal design. Perfect for a laptop (use my macbook air). I wish they had included a feature to hide charging cords, but at $150 it’s a great purchase.

It took me (a girl) about 2 hours to build. After it came out very nice, just like what i really want for my room: unique, art and comfortable. I have never spent that much money for a desk, however, that one is worthy each dollar i spent.

This desk was a little bit of a bitch to put together (you def need two people) but once i got into the flow, it was easy.It doesn’t hold a ton of stuff but it’s pretty and fits in smaller spaces.

I was hoping for a stand up desk.

Looks nice but hard to put together. I like this desk, small but useful. It’s not easy to put those parts together as i anticipated, even harder than putting the bed.

I live in a small space and this is a great little desk. I couldn’t run a business from it, but for day to day stuff, i like it. I get compliments on the look quite frequently.

Great desk with excellent warranty. We bought this desk because of its compact size. The desk was took a little bit of patience to put together but that is to be expected putting any piece of furniture together. Make sure to level the desk against the wall so it is flush. We had put the desk together late at night and were so happy to be done we forgot to level it and it fell against the wall in the middle of the night. Unfortunately it tore up some of the wood but we took up the hassle free replacement parts and it’s as good as new, minus more work. I am still working on gaining trust with the desk and hope this helps other people not make the same mistake we did. Definitely work the money and is a great space saver.

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