Linea Italia TR737OAT Trento Line L-Shaped Desk : I’m pretty good with reverse engineering

I have been using this desk for a week now and i love it. It’s perfect for my home office. Looks great, feels solid, etc. Definitely great for the price. I have a set of drawers (one of those plastic drawer sets from target) and it fits perfectly under the desk since it doesn’t have any drawers. It is a little funky to put together. Mine didn’t come with any instructions, there were no color coded dots, and there is nothing online. If you look at it for a while, you can figure it out. It all just fits and feels sturdy.

I shopped around in many places looking for a simple, clean lined desk that fit my particular needs. And i couldn’t believe i found it on amazon. And it came with shipping included because i am a prime member. It is exactly what i wanted. Fortunately my husband is handy and put it all together without much difficulty. I would say you should be handy with tools and preferably an electric drill to help with the fastening of screws, etc. But i have no reservations in recommending this desk.

Easy to assemble and very sturdy.

This was great for my home office.

  • Superb product that exceeds expectations
  • I’m pretty good with reverse engineering
  • desk over 3 years ago and have been very pleased with it

Linea Italia TR737OAT Trento Line L-Shaped Desk, 59.12 by 59.12 by 29.5-Inch, Oatmeal/Gray

  • Stylish minimalist design for universal appeal
  • Scratch- and stain-resistant woodgrain laminate with durable edge
  • Quick and easy assembly in minutes with no tools required
  • Strong powder coated steel frame
  • Configures right or left to suit your needs

Was so easy to put together. Wanted a desk without it looking corporate. Looks clean, modern, and just the right size. Not too big and not too small.

But, they should offer a keyboard tray. Really hard to fit one with only 8″ depth till the cross beam.

Easy to put together and plenty of space.

Superb product that exceeds expectations. This l-shaped desk is exactly what i was hoping for. Specifically, i was looking for a desk where the middle support did not obstruct my legs. Many of the competing products have supports that literally divide the usable desk space in half. The trento design places the corner support in the rear though allowing me to sit in the corner of the unit with the desk wrapping around on both sides. A few years ago i paid over $1000 for a similar l-shaped office desk from ikea. This desk, at 1/4 of the price, is slightly smaller, but of equivalent design and material quality. Once assembled everything feels very stable and the two desk pieces line up perfectly. The one downside is that the pictorial instructions were likely conceived by an artistic dropout from ikea manual design school. I was completely stumped at one point in the assembly process and resorted to turning the directions upside down in hopes of divine inspiration.

Ordered this and it came without instructions. Made it extremely difficult to put together.

I’m pretty good with reverse engineering. The desk arrived with high hopes, but the box re-taped, as though already returned. The parts came without assembly instructions, one small dent in a metal panel, and no parts for leveling. I’m pretty good with reverse engineering, but this one might be beyond me. I’ll post again if we get this figured out. Did anyone find on-line assembly instructions?ok, we got it after another 10 minutes of head scratching. The key is putting the table tops upside down on the floor and then figuring out how to align the metal bits. Don’t rush to screw things down – there are a lot of ways to put this together wrong. Once it is done, it looks good and the construction puts only compression stresses on the particle board. So long as it doesn’t get wet, there is hope for a long life to the product.

Took maybe 15 minutes by myself.

Color and durability are very satisfying. As a student, i love this as it is.

Desk over 3 years ago and have been very pleased with it. I purchased this desk over 3 years ago and have been very pleased with it. It is beautiful and functional. My movers lost the hardware in a recent move. I contacted linea italia the manufacturer and they immediately responded by sending me the hardware and assembly instructions via fedex at no charge to me. Wonderful product, great company and phenomenal customer support.

I like the desk; it is simple, looks good and is very sturdy. The desk was delivered in good condition – all parts and pieces were included and packed well – nothing damaged or missing. Assembly instructions/pictures were straightforward. The design is such that tools should not be required – it’s a tang and slot arrangement so that frame pieces should slip together; however, i found that i needed to pry a couple tangs a little bit wider with a screwdriver, and needed a hammer to gently tap some pieces all the way in – no big deal. I was in no rush when i assembled the desk, but it still only took 45 mins from opening the box to completion. I especially like that, unlike many other l-shaped desks, there’s no support leg needed on the inside corner where the two desktops join – together with the ample clearance underneath, this avoids a lot of knee-knocking. It does not have a keyboard tray; i actually prefer the keyboard on the desktop. This might be an issue for some. It comes in a box 64″ x 30″ x 6″, and it weighs 75 lbs, so you might need help carrying it.

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Linea Italia TR737OAT Trento Line L-Shaped Desk, 59.12 by 59.12 by 29.5-Inch, Oatmeal/Gray
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