LumiSource OFD-TM-BITSGL B Sigma Workstation : They must ship these things through wormholes or some s***

Bought this for my granddaugther’s room, she loves it and it fit her room perfectly. A little wobbly, but its okay.

I was concerned about the quality when i ordered it and was pleasantly surprised find the quality very good, especially for the great price. It was easy to assemble (even for this elderly person), is very stable and the tempered glass top is very nice, too. It’s a quarter of inch thick so no worries about cracks or breaks. I got this desk to use as drawing table/light-box and it’s perfect. My only complaint is not with the desk but with the packing material, that while it did it’s job, it was awful stuff – polyethylene or polystyrene sheets, not sure, but it broke into little pieces at the slightest touch. The glass was packed between this stuff in a tight cardboard box and was impossible to remove without the stuff crumbling into small pieces which again crumbled into very tiny pieces. There was so much static that it stuck all over me and everything around it and couldn’t be picked up – had to vacuum it up.

Fits my 27″ imac just great. Couldn’t be happier for the price.

Great for small home office. . Perfect for my laptop and still has space for paperwork.

  • Exactly As Expected
  • This desk was very easy to assemble
  • Item as pictured and extremely easy to put together

LumiSource OFD-TM-BITSGL B Sigma Workstation, Black

  • Modern workstation
  • Tempered glass top
  • Great for use as a laptop station

A lot shorter than it seems. I am hunched over when i use it. That being said, it’s great for a small space. The look is not bulky like many office desks.

They must ship these things through wormholes or some s***. I ordered this workstation to replace a makeshift one that held my keyboard and mouse as they are connected to my pc which is connected to my 42″ hdtv on the wall. The desk is sturdy and spacious. The picture makes the glass surface look thinner than the 19. It was extremely easy to put together. I assembled it in all of 15 minutes and it comes with a hex key (the only tool you need) and 1 extra of every small part. Don’t be afraid if you don’t get a shipping number. It shipped from vancouver, british columbia, canada to central new york, united states in 2 days on free shipping (way under the estimate. )other thoughts: what i would recommend to anyone buying this desk is that right after you place your order, run out to a hardware store and grab 16x 1/4″ rubber washers to put on each side of the holes in the legs that you bypass with the bolts. Who knows, by the time you get back your desk might be at your front door.

I have my 24 inch imac on this and it’s holding up fine. The table area is perfect for what i wanted-didn’t need drawers or a lot of space. Good deal for the price and pretty sturdy.

Stylish, stable, easy to assemble. . Great desk, easy to assemble, stable and descent size. The legs also come with adjustable screws for uneven flooring which is great.

Good desk… creates an “airy” feel to the room. Good desk… creates an “airy” feel to the room, small enough to hide behind a couch easily, if that’s where you want to put it. Good height for most chairs, not too low. The glass is very smooth and soft.

This desk was very easy to assemble. This desk was very easy to assemble, looks sleek as hell, and seems pretty well constructed for the price. Also, as one of the top reviews stated, it arrived freakishly fast (i placed the order on a wednesday night and it arrived friday). There is some wobble to this desk, which is a little annoying when i’m using it as a writing surface. For this reason i was about to take a star off, but i think a bit of wobble is reasonable considering the price and slim, minimalist design. If the wobble gets worse or the desk falls apart i will update this review.

Impractical, but i love it anyway. . I love this desk even tho it is quite impractical. I really needed a desk with drawers.

Arrived in great condition, very easy to put together and looks great.

Thick piece of glass and very nice looking.

The product came in a large/thin box. This desk literally took me 15 minutes to put together, and that was only because i kept looking for the allen wrench. The desk is sleek and modern, and very light, except for the glass top, which is hefty. I would not recommend having anything too heavy on the desk, since it seems to be a bit on the flimsy side, but that mught just be because of the semi-flexible metal legs. Overall recommendation, buy as a light hobby table or computer/laptop desk. If you are looking for a lot of workspace, look elsewhere.

Item as pictured and extremely easy to put together. Item as pictured and extremely easy to put together. I read in other reviews that it was wobbly and not sturdy. This made me really nervous. I made sure to tighten the screws as much as possible and my desk does not seem wobbly at all. I place it in the corner so that may be helping but it really doesn’t seem to be unstable. Also the glass is so freakin heavy it weighs it down so much i can’t imagine it moving a lot.

Looks nice and easy to assemble. For the price, it’s a good value. The width was a bit smaller that i thought it would be but that’s my fault for not reading the measurements.

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LumiSource OFD-TM-BITSGL B Sigma Workstation, Black
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