Regency Seating 8095-CHBK Zoe Chair : Great Chair, Poor Packing, No Instructions

I like the chair but the lack of instructions should give some pause. Even though i’m short, i like high chairs for some reason, but i don’t have any in my house. That’s why i decided to try this regency seating 8095-chbk zoe chair. It was delivered in good time. I noticed that others mentioned a lack of instruction as well as loosey-goosey packaging of the smaller part and that is all true. I think these aspects didn’t bother me because (1) i spent all my anger/annoyance earlier in the summer on a tv console that had no instructions and some missing parts and (2) i was still able to put that more complicated item together so i felt confident that i could figure out this item. For me, it is a good height. Even my son, who isn’t as keen on high chairs except when he’s working at his drafting table, likes it. It has a nice, simple design that isn’t too trendy looking so it can work with other styles. As much as i like the chair, the lack of instructions does keep me from giving this a 4-star. I got by fine but i think for other consumers, they may want to keep this in mind. If they are good at putting things together without instructions, then this may be worth a look. If one prefers instructions, then maybe not.

Great chair, poor packing, no instructions. Compared to some other reviews, i have to count myself lucky. I am very happy with this chair, that is, now that it’s assembled and in place. The packing was pathetic, as if done by small children or trained monkeys almost ready to revolt. The carrier’s notes indicated that the box opened at least once in transit. An entire side seam, and a corner, had obviously split. The box was barely hanging together by tape that i’d believe was applied in absolute darkness. The pieces inside had next to no protection, brown paper. It’s pretty amazing to me that none of the pieces suffered any damage, not even a scratch.

Satisfactory chair, foolish packaging. . This is a nice enough chair or stool. It seems to be made of what i would call “tropical hardwood,” similar to a lot of furniture from south east asia. A couple of the more extremely curved parts appear to be made of laminated wood. All the wood parts are nicely finished, and i really like the sturdy vinyl-covered seat cushion. The only complaint i have about the chair is that the front two legs have little rubber “feet” on the bottom ends, while the rear legs are just bare wood on the end. But who was it that thought this was adequate packaging for this product?. The unassembled wood parts were tossed into a flimsy cardboard box, with only two uncrumpled sheets of plain brown packaging paper to separate them from banging against each other. I consider it an absolute miracle that the pretty wood surfaces arrived at our house without major damage, and another miracle that the loose hardware bag did not fall out of the box though one of the gaping openings it had when we received it. As it was, the assembly instructions apparently did fall out, and this product is not yet listed on the regency website, so i was left on my own to figure out what went where.

However there were no instructions enclosed which i really needed. Surprised the chair was not all scratched. Giving up on assembly for now.

  • Satisfactory chair, foolish packaging.
  • Great Chair, Poor Packing, No Instructions
  • I like the chair but the lack of instructions should give some pause

Regency Seating 8095-CHBK Zoe Chair

  • Solid hardwood construction
  • Vinyl cushion
  • Ships ready to assemble

Commercial bar stool – too tall for kitchen counter. The good news is that this is a sturdy, simple, nicely designed tall chair intended for commercial use in restaurants or bars. In a private home it should last a long time. As noted also by another amazon reviewer, this comes with no written instructions and very poorly packed in a cardboard box falling apart. The lack of instructions meant that i needed to figure out the assembly by studying the photos on amazon, made a mistake which caused the wood to splinter, and when done had mystery parts left over. Tedious and annoying waste of time. The other bad news is that the chair is an odd height, with a 31″ seat height, too tall for a regular 36″ kitchen counter. This is a commercial bar stool. Amazon product page gives only the seat back height, which is irrelevant.

Cute chair but very hard to put together and mine is still not put together. The screws are very difficult to put in the chair and they will not go in the right way. My seat is still not attached. I do like the design and it feels heavy duty. I received this item for my honest opinion and was not compensated.

Sturdy chair but no directions. This is a nice looking counter height chair. However, it arrived without any directions at all. As a result, we did damage the finish on the chair when a screw was inserted in the wrong slot. You will also need a phillips head screw driver for assembly. Outside of the improper screw, assembly was easy. The chair appears very sturdy, as well as easy to clean. The only test left is its durability over time. If there is any sign of failure, we’ll update the review.

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Regency Seating 8095-CHBK Zoe Chair
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