RTA Home and Office CT Corner Writing Desk Glass: Clear, Desk as advertised.

My teenage daughter loves this desk so much. I it very sturdy, and just the right size for all of her needs. Be very careful while putting it together, because the legs, if slammed together will get a dent.

The first we bought several years ago and loved it so much that when we moved we bought a second. We have both of them in opposite corners of the same room, which i feel we are able to do only because they are so airy. The glass and metal look of the desk makes them perfect for in front of the windows, as you can still see beyond them to the green space. Because we have them in two opposite corners, it was important that the base piece of glass could be flipped. In the amazon photo provided, the glass base is on the left of the desk, but it can also be placed on the right side. Tip: we learned after the first desk that it is best to unpack this item outside and then move the pieces inside. The desks are packed in styrofoam and it is the type that clings and flies about in bits and pieces – it makes a huge mess (enough of a mess that we remembered this problem from a few years ago.

Perfectcame w/box a little beat up but product intakequality, heavy duty glass deskfits perfect into spaceassemble was quick and easy. Careful the edges of the legs are sharpvery happy.

Key specs for CT Corner Writing Desk Glass: Clear:

  • This modern looking corner computer desk has everything you need.
  • With its great design you can put this anywhere in your room to save space.
  • Dimension: 51.5″Wx 38.25″Dx 29.5″H
  • Assembly required.
  • Country Of Origin: China.

Comments from buyers

“Durability is limited, otherwise nice desk, Desk as advertised., Needs better oversight in quality control”

Easy to put together, looks great and a good price. Fits beautifully in any corner of your room. I would highly recommend it for ypur office space.

Needs better oversight in quality control. The glass appeared to be very good quality, the aluminum legs were rough cut with sharp uneven edges, the long bolts were too long and the short bolts too short. I had to file edges on legs, i bought new (metric) bolts and cut them to size. I don’t doubt that the desk was pieced together from different manufacturers but in any case the desks should be spot checked for quality control. I was pleased with the final outcome and if those deficiencies i mentioned had not occurred i would have given the desk 5 stars instead of 3.

This was actually the second time i ordered this desk. The initial shipment arrived in a damaged state, i had just came home and pulled into my driveway when i saw what looked like snow on my lawn, it was those tiny pieces that had flew out of the box. Since this was glass i was dealing with i immediately placed the box in my garage, re-wrapped it and advised amazon that i wanted it returned. Second shipment arrived in better shape, still some small openings, they should use better tape, but the contents were fine. The unit itself is easily to put together, no problems thanks to all the previous reviews and advice as to how to assemble the unit. Within 20 minutes it was perfect and looks great. Sometimes pictures of items are not what is shown on the screen but in this case i felt it was as good or better. This is a very good product.

Looks great and is just what we wanted.

Durability is limited, otherwise nice desk. I owned this desk for 3 years, as primary office desk. Had two 24 inch monitors and a bunch of smaller items on it, it was standing on carpet. Over time different legs began to detach from the table top (they are glued). I tried to fix some with superglue, it worked for a while but looked less and less pretty. Finally at around 3 year mark the original glue came off from all 6 legs, it was also the time when i decided to get rid of it. Otherwise it’s a very nice stylish corner desk, very ergonomic, bottom compartment fits mini tower desktop computer (or maybe more) and, as i said, two large monitors.

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CT Corner Writing Desk Glass: Clear
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