Sauder 420513 Palladia Computer Desk and Hutch : Excellent desk and hutch

Attractive but watch out for long assembly time. . This is a large and attractive computer desk set. We received it quickly, and all the pieces were in great shape – no damage or missing screws or knobs. It has 40+ pages of instructions and at times you are flipping this 200 pound monster over to add more pieces. It takes forever to put it together, my husband builds furniture and restores tractors and it took him three days (not non-stop, but about 5 hours a day) to get this thing assembled. Our marriage survived, and the desk makes an attractive and useful addition to our family room. The missing fifth star is because of the seemingly endless process of getting this desk put together.

Great value, good looking desk, 1 design flaw. If it were not for 1 huge design flaw, i would have given a 4+ star rating. But first the good:1) the assembly instructions are very good – probably the best i’ve every received with any product. Kudos to the person who laid it all out for print. Even though it is made of particle board and compressed paper product, it is actually very sturdy (probably due to the 203 screws, cam locks, and twist locks). 3) for an inexpensive desk (comparitively), the color of the finish is very nice. It very nearly matches our real cherry wood furniture. Very pleased with the finished look. 4) despite the “bad” listed below, i would still order this product again based on my specific need, price point, and room placement. It is sturdy and looks nice. The bad:1) people are not joking. This desk takes 8+ hours to assemble. I spent 3 hours the first evening and 6 hours the next day not even stopping for lunch. I had read the reviews and planned a huge chunk of time to assemble and was mentally prepared.

Beautiful desk but if i were to ever purchase again i would definitely purchase with the installation. We did have to make a trip to the local hardware store because there were a bunch of screws and the door closure that were missing. Took about 8 hours to assemble so that’s why i would purchase the installation so someone else could put it together.

Very nice, is made out of particle board. Very nice, is made out of particle board, but built very sturdy.

  • Love the Desk/Hutch
  • Just what your looking for!
  • Very nice, is made out of particle board

Sauder 420513 Palladia Computer Desk and Hutch, Cherry

  • Large drawer/shelf with metal runners and safety stops features flip-down panel for keyboard/mouse
  • Two additional drawers with metal runners and safety stops
  • Lower drawer with full extension slides holds letter-size hanging files
  • Storage area behind door holds vertical CPU tower and has an adjustable shelf
  • Hutch has cubbyhole storage and vertical storage compartments

We just got it put together so my comments may change with time. This desk computer and hutch has most of the features i was wanting. This are the features i like: closed drawer/pull out for wireless keyboard; multiple drawers, shelf in computer tower location. I use a laptop rather than desktop computer but it fits into this opening; needed a desk with opening large enough to sit my printer (hp officejet pro 8610); correct measurements needed for space (width primarily) an issue we experienced was the round holes for wires need to be larger diameter as we had to trim and force the rubber end of the monitor cable as it would not go through the holes. As others have remarked the assembly time is extremely long. The instructions were very detailed and complete it’s just that there are a lot of pieces to assemble. I had an issue with getting the removable shelf in as it was a very tight fit in the space.

Great computer desk and hutch. I really like my new computer desk and hutch. There’s plenty of display room and also quite a bit of storage room. It did take quite a long time to put this desk and hutch together, but i’m very pleased with the end product.

Putting this item together is not for the average person.

You might want to think of purchasing the assembly option. It’s a lot of work to put one of these together. I took one look at the amount of parts and thought it better if i had the flu. One of my adult students put it together for me. He was very methodical and didn’t rush the assembly process.

Very pleased with the product. The desk came in 2 large boxes that we almost dreaded to open, but the instructions was clear and east to follow. All parts were properly drilled and inline. Very pleased with the product.

Glad i paid for the assembly as it was a. Glad i paid for the assembly as it was a heavy beastcam out perfect – fits perfect – listed dimensions were spot on – fits my 27″ monitor perfectly and my printer on the other sideroll out keyboard is one of the better one’s i have used. So far no scratches – and remains wobble free.

Awesome desk, works great in my office.

Complicated installation, but manual makes it a piece of cake, very superior quality.

I use to hate sitting at the computer. Now i can’t wait to get comfortable and surf.

My desk is a beautiful and functional piece of furniture that fits into a limited space. It is very heavy and has plenty of storage. I cannot recommend this desk with hutch enough.

Glad i went with this purchase. Assembly took about 6 hours but was well worth the time it took to put together. It is very sturdy and beautiful.

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Sauder 420513 Palladia Computer Desk and Hutch, Cherry
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