Sauder Lake Point Desk : Perfect addition to our home office

I’m a female college student who bought this desk because of its sleek looking. It is nice and i could resemble it by myself. The surface of glass get scrached too easily and i am so perplexed. Does it too much to expect that this glass should obviously be scratch-resistent?.

Once up this desk is a nice size and worth the money. My drawers didn’t go in all the way at first, but i called the company and followed their advice. If you find yourself having issues closing the drawers after assembly it is probably the screws.Check them all and re-tighten. I was able to assemble by myself and i am a tiny women so easy set-up for anyone.

Perfect addition to our home office. This was exactly what we needed in our home office. It is modern, simple to assemble, and easy to match with other office items.

Got it for several months now. It is very sturdy and comfortable. Dislike: difficult to assemble; a few weak welded nuts on the drawers rails become loose and make it impossible to screw; poor drawer rails, comes off easily. The glass top accumulates dusk easily. Likes: sturdy(frame made of iron. Reason i choose it); pleasant looking; enough space for desktop screen and laptop. Would be nice to have: a support in the center of the glass top(currently has 4 at the 4 ends).

  • Sturdy desk, easy to assemble worth the price
  • Modern Desk for Mom
  • So easily get scratched

Sauder Lake Point Desk Black

  • Tempered-glass desktop
  • File drawer-Keeps files organized and close at hand.
  • Provides storage space for small items.
  • Steel frame construction for durability

Sturdy desk, easy to assemble worth the price. This was the second time i purchased this exact same desk its just that good. I fist purchased this desk for myself about 5 years ago from a brick and mortar store and i had to struggle to get it home as it comes in a large heavy box that was almost too big for my car but the assembly was easy enough. The desk is very sturdy and has been great for my home office needs. My teenage daughter had gone through 2 wood desks in about a year and we were looking at purchasing her 3rd desk and came across the same desk i had been using for 4 years on amazon at a good price so suggested she might want to go with the same desk i have and she was thrilled and i was happy knowing this would be the last desk i would ever have to buy her. The desk was delivered in just a couple of days (no lugging it home thank god) i had it put together in about 30 minutes and she couldnt be happier.

Bought for my college age son who loves it. Simple, stylish, and very usable.

It’s a bit of a pain to put together. The best part is this thing is all steel and glass.

We purchased this desk for my 84 year old mother for christmas. Putting it together was a bit of a challenge and the metal drawer panels are very fragile and easily bend. The finished product, as suspected, thrilled mom.She loves modern and this fit the bill. Very nice looking and just enough drawer space.

This metal desk has a great modern look to it and fits in with the modern look of my study. The only downside is, it can be difficult to put together (due to the slides for the drawer). Other than that no complaints.

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Sauder Lake Point Desk Black
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