Standee Co. Standee Classic Bamboo Stand Up Desk : Great purchase! Love this desk

Perfect for making the change from sitting all day. . I decided to stop sitting so much at work, so i bought this desk to use so i can stand up and do my work. It has a lot of room, my keyboard, mouse and monitor all fit with plenty of room. Not at all flimsy and stays put on the desk. I really love it and have recommended it to several friends.

Easy to assemble (the even include a little screwdriver. Easy to assemble (the even include a little screwdriver) – once set up the measurements i took prior to purchasing worked out perfectly for my height. Plenty of surface space for computer base, keyboard, mouse and extra room for whatever it is i’m working on plus it creates a storage space below. The bamboo wood looks really nice on my desk (much better looking than a $400+ metal contraption). And since it’s hinged, it’s easy to fold up and set aside if i need to do any work sitting at my desk.

I spend less time at my desk and. I spend less time at my desk and my time is better spent. And i feel so much better than when i was sitting for hours.

I’ve read articles lately about how standing up is better for your health. I’ve read articles lately about how standing up is better for your health. I figured i’d give it a try and came across standee. It’s been a few months now and i love it. I feel more energized throughout the day, and more effective with my work. Trying to get one of my co-workers to buy one too.

  • Excellent in Every Way
  • Easy to assemble (the even include a little screwdriver
  • Perfect for making the change from sitting all day.

Standee Classic Bamboo Stand Up Desk

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  • ECO-FRIENDLY – The Standee Classic is crafted with eco-friendly, architecture grade Bamtuff bamboo. We’ve spent countless hours searching for the highest grade, sustainable material that yields quality desks without sacrificing stewardship to our forests or air. All of our Classics are made with premium Moso Bamboo, a uniquely strong and fast growing grass that grows up to two feet in one day– faster than any other hardwood material on the market.
  • ADD-ON – The Standee Classic is perfect for anyone who is interested in becoming more active while working but isn’t looking to replace their entire work station. The Classic can be seamlessly incorporated into any work environment because it sits right on top of your existing desktop. We designed the Classic to be a three-sided box so that you don’t have to sacrifice the existing space on your desktop. In effect, the Classic doubles the space of the area that you put it on!
  • EASY ASSEMBLY & FOLDS FLAT FOR STORAGE – The Standee Classic takes less than five minutes to assemble out of the box. We designed the Classic to be broken down and put back together over and over. The desk folds down flat so you can store it anywhere and even take it with you on the road!
  • MULTIPLE SIZES – The Classic is built at four different heights (10, 12, 14, and 16 inches). To determine which height is best for you, stand at the desk where you plan to utilize, hold your arms at a ninety degree angle like you are typing on a keyboard, and measure the distance from your forearm to the desktop. That distance will be your preferred height choice for your Classic.
  • MADE IN THE USA & MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – All of our Classics are meticulously crafted in our woodshop in San Diego, CA. We are confident you will be just as amazed by our desks as we are. But, if it anytime you decide it does not fit your needs, send it back and we’ll give a full refund.

Perfect for getting used to standing @ work. Since i needed to get out of the chair, i knew i shouldn’t run out and replace the land yacht desk without being sure i can commit to standing @ work. This option let’s me keep the land yacht yet have plenty of space to work. Super easy to put together in 30 seconds.

I got this desk because i was tired of sitting all day but wasn’t ready to commit to standing all day, every day. This desk is perfect because it leaves room on my regular desk to do work while sitting when i don’t feel like standing. It also looks and feels super nice. I get a lot of compliments from coworkers when they walk by. The refreshing part about this desk was that it was extremely easy to set up. I had it unpacked and set up in less than 5 minutes. Also, it is so easy to move around. When i had to move desks in the office, i easily picked it up with the nice handles on the side and moved it no problem.

Several reasons why this is a 5-star product. I researched several standing desk options, all of which i felt were pricey for a piece of furniture to hold up your desktop. I have an l-shaped desk with one area used for work and one for personal. I bought an adjustable ergotron arm for the work area and it works fine. It does allow me to raise and lower the desktop when i want to sit down. Attached to the arm are two monitors, a keyboard and mouse. I wanted something more reasonably priced for the personal desk area and i didn’t care if it was non-adjustable. Most of the standing desks you find stand either too high or too low;are made of cheap fiber board with a low weight capacity;or the desk area is too small to hold your monitor, mouse, keyboard, stapler, tape, etc.

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